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The German Innovators in China, short GINN are a Germany and China-based platform that is intended to build bridges between Entrepreneurs and Innovators from German speaking countries and the Innovation landscape in China. We want to improve the exchange of resources, insights and best-practices, and aim to maximise the German Innovator's understanding of the Chinese Innovation landscape.




China and Chinese Innovation still has a too bad reputation. Up until today, people are scared away before they had the chance to experience it for themselves.

GINN helps to provide trustworthy insights, knowledge and advice from German speaking Innovators who live and work in China or have already built an extensive knowledge base that we trust.


When searching for reliable partners in the Chinese market, too much fake or bad advice from so called “China  Experts" or agencies are still passed on. 

GINN filters for relevant and trustworthy people only and brings them together, such as Founders, Investors,  Corporate Innovators,  Incubators and  Accelerators. We don't rely on consultants or government agents- from innovator to innovator only, based on a careful selection. 


Likeminded entrepreneurs and innovators from German speaking countries and the Chinese landscape are still too scattered without a proper linkage. 

GINN is building a community where people can ask for advice and get recommendations by experts. We organise regular local and virtual meet-ups, conduct interviews and podcasts with German and Chinese entrepreneurs to improve the knowledge spillover.