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GINN Chinapreneurs Podcast Series

Which German startups are successful in China? - A question that we are asked over and over again. And more often than not, it is hard to give a clear answer.  

But why? Is It because there are simply not that many German startups in China? Because foreign startups don’t stand a chance in China’s competitive market anyways? Or is it rather that many of the laowai-founders are hustling quietly and are not as present on social media as their domestic competitors? 

With our GINN Podcast series we would like to give a voice to German entrepreneurs and innovators that made their way in China. We are curious about their personal stories, but we also want to learn about their specific business journeys and the key challenges they faced. By doing so, we don’t only want to focus on those who strived in China, but also on these Chinapreneurs who failed or who decided to put an end to their entrepreneurial engagement in China. 

With this series, we would like to make our entrepreneur’s  learnings available to China-newbies or any innovators who suddenly got China on their professional map. There is plenty of China-knowledge and China-experience out there- let’s make sure that these key learnings can trickle down further.  

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